Ruth A. Dierolf and Robert J. Caso serving the Boyertown School Board

Boyertown Area School District, Region 1

Ms. Dierolf is a former and successful business owner having extensive experience on the Boyertown School Board and with the District’s educational and financial operations. She is a current Board member in the Boyertown Area School District.
mail_outline Ruth Dierolf

Mr. Caso is a CPA and a former public company Chief Financial Officer having extensive experience in business operations, financing and governance. He is a current Board member in the Boyertown Area School District.
mail_outline Rob Caso

Boyertown Bulletin by Ruth A. Dierolf

Boyertown Bulletin by Robert J. Caso

Extra-Curricular Activities

Conservatives are being wrongly accused of wanting to cut out sports, music, and other extracurricular activities. Conservatives are in fact interested in grinding down wasteful discretionary spending that does not benefit our student academic outcome.

We want to invest money that actually educates our children.
School Directors are the elected advocates to ensure that the money our School District invests, will actually improve academics and the overall education experience of our children.

Winning Components for college acceptance:

  • GPA
  • SATs and
  • Extra-Curricular activity participation

* A high SAT score when combined with high GPA and extra-curricular activity participation, will provide an admission application with a selective college/university a knock-out punch.